Ex-UFC champ Tito Ortiz taps out as mayor over ‘hostility’



UFC legend Tito Ortiz has tapped out early from city politics, resigning as a California councilman because he can’t handle the blows — from critics.

“From day one, I was sworn in and I was met with hostility and judgment,” the UFC’s former light heavyweight champ said Tuesday as he resigned as a councilman in Huntington Beach.

“I thought I was up to this job … I did the best as I possibly could do,” he told the City Council meeting, according to video posted online.

But “to put it simply, this job isn’t working for me,” he admitted, saying that his resignation was effective immediately.

The 46-year-old former fighter took office last December after winning the most votes in a council race in the city’s history, the Los Angeles Times noted.

Tito Ortiz during a UFC fight.
Tito Ortiz is a former UFC light heavyweight champion.
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He ran on the MAGA-inspired slogan “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again,” and later told a crowd of President Donald Trump supporters during a “Stop the Steal” rally that it was “good versus evil” to stop “a Communist country.”

After calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus,” he dismissed it as “population control” and a “political scam” and repeatedly made headlines for refusing to wear a mask, the LA Times noted.

In his resignation speech, he insisted that he became the “sole focus of character assassination” just to “slander and defame my name.”

Tito Ortiz wearing a "Latinos for Trump" shirt.
Tito Ortiz ran on the MAGA-inspired slogan “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again.”
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“As of recent, the attacks against me have moved into involving my family,” Ortiz said. His sons with ex Jenna Jameson made headlines last month after they were sent home from school for refusing to abide by the mask mandate, KTLA noted.

“When my children’s safety becomes a matter, I’m a father and I’m going to protect my children,” the former pro fighter said.

“I’m sorry to let down many of my supportive constituents and I pray they’ll understand,” Ortiz said — with video suggesting his speech was met with just one person clapping.

Tito Ortiz wearing a "Love Your Face, #BurnTheMask" shirt.
“This job isn’t working for me,” Tito Ortiz admitted about his resignation.
MediaNews Group via Getty Images

The six remaining council members reconvened the meeting after a brief recess, with none making any mention of the resignation, the Orange County Register said.


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