A car and motorbike collide. Everyone is OK, but then it gets terrifying



An early Sunday morning run for a Lyft driver turned into a terrifying ordeal in Boynton Beach when the driver collided with a man on a motorbike.

Lyft driver Tevin Kimbugwe jumped out and checked on the man on the motorbike, then raced back to check on his fares because the Lyft car had hit a tree.

Everyone seemed fine. And then suddenly things went terribly wrong.

Witness told police that the man identified as 38-year-old Michael Radler went to his motorbike, pulled out a 12-15 inch knife, and jumped the Lyft driver as he was checking on the people that had been riding in his car.

Kimbugwe crumpled to the ground. Witnesses told police Radler got on top of Kimbugwe and slashed and stabbed him. Kimbugwe suffered a punctured lung, and the side of his face was sliced open from his left temple to his jaw, arrest records say. Kimbugwe suffered other stab wounds to the right temple, the back of the neck and many defensive wounds on his arms from trying to protect himself from his attacker.

As Kimbugwe was being attacked, his customers raced off the try and find police. The attacker then raced off on his motorbike.

Police in Boynton Beach were called at 4:51 a.m. to the 2700 block of South Seacrest Boulevard and found Kimbugwe with stab wounds. Kimbugwe was taken to Delray Medical Center for treatment in the trauma unit.

Delray Beach police say they found Radler at 5:30 a.m. on Laker Ida Drive and Congress Ave. Reports say Radler was positively identified as the attacker of the Lyft driver.

Radler, whose address was listed as “at large,” was booked in a Palm Beach County jail on attempted first-degree murder charges.

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